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Everything What's Distinctual About A London'd Fox From Regularized Foxuals

Previously . If I’m entirely strictwise of my speech, it’s not of a necessitesement to describe an urban fox just because I happen to be enLondoned of a nowday; there’s a plentiment of discoursity on the topic in alreadiness. But I’ve seen ‘em just the same, and I have words on the subject of the red-faced rascalwoman what slenks about London in a catskin and carrying a cough. A citified fox is an auburn disgrace and a riverside mouth-loafer, but I’ve got to deliver a regularly scheduled carful of respect to them every hour, on the hour. A fox’s got a right I’m bound to acknowledge to hold a man’s gaze for up to and including thirty seconds without violating the compact Man and Nature concorded up in the age-old.