Have you tried keeping a thing of nuts or al…

I don’t know what problems you’re facing right now – there’s a lot – but have you tried keeping a thing of nuts or something in your car? Just a thing of them. Have you tried it? I don’t know. Might make a difference. Everything else is too much. You can leave them in the container you got them in – wrapped or unwrapped, if it’s one of those plastic tubs with a little choker of plastic around the lip – or put them in an old coffee mug that’s still in the cupholder between the front seats. A ziploc baggie in the console is fine too. Or one of those bulk-food bin bags with the zip ties is fine. Also good is a little single-serving pouch from the good gas stations along interstates. But just a thing of nuts or something, almonds maybe, in your car, that might help.

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