"I love your vibe" and other things I've sai…

I was driving around last night with my friend J and we saw this cyclist across the street from us waiting for the light to change. He was fully Tronned out; his whole bike was bespangled up in LED lights, ditto his backpack, but the best part was his helmet, which slowly changed color every few seconds. I mean the bike and the backpack were lit up in only one color – the bike was green and the backpack was blue – but the helmet was just throbbing colors. I was making an unprotected left and I rolled down my friend J's window and said "I LOVE YOUR VIBE" as we passed him, only I'm not sure he heard me because it was kind of a busy intersection and I didn't want to yell too loudly. It felt very good to be alive and driving around with my friend and seeing something that made me as happy as that lit-up cyclist did.

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