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The Book of Ruth, Part I

Originally . I, Naomi, am writing this; see with what large letters I have written with my hand. You will see many letters written in my name. Accept no substitutes. The woman Ruth has made a habit of speaking on my behalf, in the spirit of Whither-thou-goest, but she has had no hand in these words. If you will take my advice –– when the woman Ruth offers to do you a favor, turn her away with your left hand. (Do not show this letter to the others.) The book that claims to tell our story bears her name; the book of Naomi has neither been written nor read yet on this earth. Her pledges are recorded therein; my answer is never given. The woman Ruth dares not tell a lie there. The most you have seen her say of me is that I left speaking unto her. But I never in my life gave that woman my yes-pledge.