"You know, I used to be quite a looker"

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Barbara SimmonsFeb 4Liked by Daniel Ortberg

Thank you for this piercingly truthful story.

My trans son said yesterday "we are the sum of our experiences; I like myself and so I value every experience I've had. " which was a lot of insight for a typical family dinner and was followed by his sister attempting to get him in a headlock, but still. Thanks.

ChocoroomFeb 5Liked by Daniel Ortberg

Dan Mallory's third book will be about a novelist who can't decide whether to profusely thank or utterly destroy the internet writer who irreversibly altered his life with nought but a brief aside in a blog post.

meghannFeb 5

"Nobody is asking me to apologize for anything, but I still want to most of the time." Put this on my tombstone please.

CarrieFeb 4

That was really insightful! Quite thought provoking

ChocoroomFeb 5

Also, you join David Mitchell of Mitchell & Webb fame for having to contend with a yet more (in)famous novelist messing up your Q score.